For over two centuries, it has been a time of peace. Humanity is finally united under the great Commonwealth of Man, which stretches across dozens of star systems. With no enemies, commerce and civilization have flourished.

Just as even Eden had the serpent, there are those in the Commonwealth who don’t want to play by the rules. In the search for quick riches, otherwise good men turn to crime and piracy to take what they do not earn.

The Baroness Zeytuni Kimutai is putting together secret task force to go into pirate controlled space and eliminate a new menace…

Details of Play

We play online, using on Wednesday nights between 8-10PM, Eastern (US) Time.

We play using the Savage Worlds Deluxe, though we often generate a classic Traveller character first for inspiration. No experience with the system is necessary.

Commonwealth of Man: The First Shadows of Twilight

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